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Le locataire (1976)

a.k.a The Tenant

Cría cuervos (1976)

a.k.a Cría Cuervos

Ai no korîda (1976)

a.k.a In the Realm of the Senses

The Message (1976)

a.k.a Mohammad: Messenger of God

Im Lauf der Zeit (1976)

a.k.a Kings of the Road

Hababam Sinifi Sinifta Kaldi (1976)

a.k.a The Chaos Class Failed the Class

Süt Kardesler (1976)

a.k.a The Foster Brothers

Herz aus Glas (1976)

a.k.a Heart of Glass

Az ötödik pecsét (1976)

a.k.a The Fifth Seal

Brutti, sporchi e cattivi (1976)

a.k.a Ugly, Dirty and Bad

Hababam Sinifi Uyaniyor (1976)

a.k.a The Chaos Class Is Waking Up

Du bi quan wang da po xue di zi (1976)

a.k.a Master of the Flying Guillotine

Keoma (1976)

a.k.a Django Rides Again

La casa dalle finestre che ridono (1976)

a.k.a The House of the Laughing Windows

Communion (1976)

a.k.a Alice Sweet Alice