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Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (1933)

a.k.a The Testament of Dr. Mabuse

Las Hurdes (1933)

a.k.a Land Without Bread

Liebelei (1933)

a.k.a Flirtation

Dekigokoro (1933)

a.k.a Passing Fancy

Ekstase (1933)

a.k.a Ecstasy

Okraina (1933)

a.k.a The Patriots

Hallelujah I'm a Bum (1933)

a.k.a Hallelujah, I'm a Tramp

Minato no nihonmusume (1933)

a.k.a Japanese Girls at the Harbor

Tôkyô no onna (1933)

a.k.a Woman of Tokyo

Kimi to wakarete (1933)

a.k.a Apart from You

Sonnenstrahl (1933)

a.k.a Ray of Sunshine