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The Tramp (1915)

a.k.a Charlie the Hobo

The Champion (1915)

a.k.a Battling Charlie

Gryozy (1915)

a.k.a Daydreams

A Night in the Show (1915)

a.k.a A Night at the Show

Work (1915)

a.k.a The Paperhanger

Liliya Belgii (1915)

a.k.a The Lily of Belgium

Der Golem (1915)

a.k.a The Golem

Bout-de-Zan et l'embusqué (1915)

a.k.a Bout-de-Zan and the Shirker

Ceux de chez nous (1915)

a.k.a Those of Our Land

Das dunkle Schloß (1915)

a.k.a The Hound of the Baskervilles: The Dark Castle

Evangeliemandens liv (1915)

a.k.a John Redmond, the Evangelist

Le hasard et l'amour (1915)

a.k.a Love's Surprises

Judaspengar (1915)

a.k.a The Price of Betrayal