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Die Puppe (1919)

a.k.a The Doll

Die Austernprinzessin (1919)

a.k.a The Oyster Princess

Terje Vigen (1917)

a.k.a A Man There Was

Fantômas - À l'ombre de la guillotine (1913)

a.k.a Fantômas: In the Shadow of the Guillotine

J'accuse (1919)

a.k.a J'accuse!

Berg-Ejvind och hans hustru (1918)

a.k.a The Outlaw and His Wife

Ich möchte kein Mann sein (1918)

a.k.a I Don't Want to Be a Man

Fantômas contre Fantômas (1914)

a.k.a Fantomas: The Mysterious Finger Print

Juve contre Fantômas (1913)

a.k.a Fantomas: The Man in Black

Le mort qui tue (1913)

a.k.a Fantômas: The Dead Man Who Killed

Umirayushchiy lebed (1917)

a.k.a The Dying Swan

Herr Arnes pengar (1919)

a.k.a Sir Arne's Treasure

Le faux magistrat (1914)

a.k.a Fantômas: The False Magistrate

Anders als die Andern (1919)

a.k.a Different from the Others

Rapsodia satanica (1917)

a.k.a Satan's Rhapsody