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The Big Swallow (1901)

a.k.a A Photographic Contortion

Barbe-bleue (1901)

a.k.a Bluebeard

Nouvelles luttes extravagantes (1901)

a.k.a The Fat and the Lean Wrestling Match

Excelsior! (1901)

a.k.a The Magician and the Human Pump

The Countryman and the Cinematograph (1901)

a.k.a The Countryman's First Sight of the Animated Pictures

Nain et géant (1901)

a.k.a The Dwarf and the Giant

La chrysalide et le papillon d'or (1901)

a.k.a The Brahmin and the Butterfly

Histoire d'un crime (1901)

a.k.a History of a Crime

L'omnibus des toqués blancs et noirs (1901)

a.k.a Off to Bloomingdale Asylum

La maison tranquille (1901)

a.k.a Troubles in a Tenement House

An Over-Incubated Baby (1901)

a.k.a The Wonderful Baby Incubator