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Bu san (2003)

a.k.a Good Bye, Dragon Inn

Ni na bian ji dian (2001)

a.k.a What Time Is It There?

Ai qing wan sui (1994)

a.k.a Vive L'Amour

Dong (1998)

a.k.a The Hole

Qing shao nian nuo zha (1992)

a.k.a Rebels of the Neon God

He liu (1997)

a.k.a The River

Hei yan quan (2006)

a.k.a I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

Xi you (2014)

a.k.a Journey to the West

Wu wu mian (2015)

a.k.a No No Sleep

Tian qiao bu jian le (2002)

a.k.a The Skywalk Is Gone

Hu die fu ren (2009)

a.k.a Madame Butterfly

Fish, Underground (2001)

a.k.a A Conversation with God

Ni de lian (2018)

a.k.a Your Face