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La passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928)

a.k.a The Passion of Joan of Arc

Ordet (1955)

a.k.a The Word

Vredens dag (1943)

a.k.a Day of Wrath

Du skal ære din hustru (1925)

a.k.a Master of the House

Prästänkan (1920)

a.k.a The Parson's Widow

De nåede færgen (1948)

a.k.a They Caught the Ferry

Præsidenten (1919)

a.k.a The President

Blade af Satans bog (1920)

a.k.a Leaves Out of the Book of Satan

Glomdalsbruden (1926)

a.k.a The Bride of Glomdal

Storstrømsbroen (1950)

a.k.a The Storstrom Bridge

Die Gezeichneten (1922)

a.k.a Love One Another

Vandet på landet (1946)

a.k.a Water from the Land