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Okraina (1933)

a.k.a The Patriots

Devushka s korobkoy (1927)

a.k.a Moscow That Weeps and Laughs

Miss Mend (1926)

a.k.a The Adventures of the Three Reporters

Novgorodtsy (1943)

a.k.a Men of Novgorod

Shchedroe leto (1951)

a.k.a Bountiful Summer

Borets i kloun (1957)

a.k.a The Wrestler and the Clown

Ledolom (1931)

a.k.a The Thaw

Moskva v oktyabre (1927)

a.k.a Moscow in October

Odnazhdy nochyu (1945)

a.k.a Dark Is the Night

Proizvodstvo muzykalnykh instrumentov (1930)

a.k.a The Production of Musical Instruments

Staryy naezdnik (1959)

a.k.a The Old Jockey

Stranitsy zhizni (1948)

a.k.a Pages of Life

Zhivye dela (1930)

a.k.a Living Things