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Spiegel van Holland (1950)

a.k.a Mirror of Holland

Dokter Pulder zaait papavers (1975)

a.k.a Doctor Pulder Sows Poppies

Nederland (1983)

a.k.a The Netherlands

Alleman (1963)

a.k.a The Human Dutch

De muiderkring Herleeft (1948)

a.k.a The Muider Group Revived

De stem van het water (1966)

a.k.a The Voice of the Water

Vroeger kon je lachen (1983)

a.k.a One Could Laugh in Former Days

Chimps onder elkaar (1984)

a.k.a The Family of Chimps

De zaak M.P. (1960)

a.k.a The M.P. Case

Dijkbouw (1952)

a.k.a The Dike Builders

Een pak slaag (1979)

a.k.a Mr. Slotter's Jubilee

Kinderen van Ghana (1988)

a.k.a A Day in the Life of a Child: Children of Ghana