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Aina omri (1956)

a.k.a Lost Youth

Almurahikat (1960)

a.k.a Teenagers

Arduna el khadra (1956)

a.k.a Our Green Land

Ariss la okhti (1963)

a.k.a A Bridegroom for My Sister

Ayyami el saida (1958)

a.k.a My Happiest Days

Baad al wedah (1953)

a.k.a After the Farewells

El hasnaa waal talaba (1964)

a.k.a The Beauty and the Students

El layaly el tawila (1967)

a.k.a The Long Nights

Fatat shaza (1964)

a.k.a An Abnormal Child

Kais wa leila (1960)

a.k.a Kais and Leila

Kull daqqa fi qalbi (1959)

a.k.a Every Beat of My Heart

Kullun awladi (1962)

a.k.a They Are All My Children

Law kont rajol (1964)

a.k.a If I Were a Man

Maal ayyam (1958)

a.k.a One of These Days

Marrat al ayyam (1954)

a.k.a The Days Pass

Men Ghair Weda (1951)

a.k.a Without Farewell

Min Gheir Me'ad (1962)

a.k.a Without an Appointment

Mudariss khoussussi (1965)

a.k.a The Private Teacher

Muzakkerat telmiza (1962)

a.k.a A Student's Diary

Nafiza alal janna (1954)

a.k.a A Window on Paradise

Shadiat al djebel (1964)

a.k.a The Mountain Singer

Wafaa ilal abad (1963)

a.k.a Eternally Faithful

Zoul wijhain (1949)

a.k.a The Man with Two Faces