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Michel Gondry whimsy filtered through David Lynch madness with a hint of Caesar Millan. While the film is by no means perfect, a fantastic cast helps speed along this rather bizarre treat,

Also this film will be hated by many, many people. I guarantee it.

5 years ago


Nice exercise in absurdism, I thoroughyl enjoyed it. Steven Little never ever fails to make me laugh, his appearance here as an oddly dressed private detective that analyses the memories of turds is well, gold.

1 year ago


Weird for weird's sake. Heavily. If you feel attracted by that with a hint of Michel Gondry (mi-16evil put it well) or Sophia Coppola, go for it. If you like your surreal more serious, you might stick to last year's "Holy Motors".

I think it's enjoyable. Just don't think too much about it.

5 years ago


Very uneven, some of the humour works extremely well, but other bits just seem forced and tiresome. I guess the tiresome bits just tipped the scale for me. YMMV.

5 years ago


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