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When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

95 min · Directed by Rob Reiner

Drama · Romance · Comedy

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While at first glance it may seem little more than a retread of Woody Allen's great "Annie Hall", "When Harry Met Sally..." is nonetheless a very clever, very funny film with a spirit and purpose unto itself.

This film has gotten a lot of unfair criticism over the years because of its genre. It seems to be equated in some people's minds with the schlocky "Sleepless in Seattle" or other like-minded romantic dramas.

Let this be clear, "When Harry Met Sally..." is a top-notch, well written, heartfelt look at modern relationships at the end of the 1980s. Billy Crystal is a scene-stealer and Meg Ryan is ebullient and her radiance lights up the screen.

If you're used to romantic comedies done poorly, watch this one to see how GREAT they can be.

A true classic.

7 years ago


Loved it! No wonder it's a classic.

6 years ago


One of the best romcoms.

5 years ago


just Wow!, I left this movie pass some many times and it was surprising the acting, the plot. The film kept a smile on my face during all the movie.

6 years ago


such a good film!

5 years ago


Can't believe it took me 19 years to watch this. And I completely agree with the Annie Hall vibe. Nora Ephron was a fabulous writer.

5 years ago

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