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Viva Las Vegas (1964)

A.k.a. Love in Las Vegas · 85 min · Directed by George Sidney

Comedy · Musical

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few visible scars

I guess an Elvis movie is pretty much critic proof, and any one watching it will have decided what they thought of it before it even started.
As far as I remember this is the only one I've fully watched .. and yes, it lived up (or rather down) to my expectations.
OK, it's from 'another era', and using today's standards to judge actions is not fair.. but this is still the C20th, and the women are not the younger silly sister from a Jane Austin plot ..
But even in the 50's to have the lead female a) not know a screwdriver from a wrench, b) Swoon for creepy rich Italian counts that would make Maurice Chevalier look like a respectful man, and c) not take restraining order out on some creep who wouldn't take 'no' as no and keep stalking her 'till she gave in...
Sorry.. I'm over thinking thinks far to much..

3 years ago