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I'm sorry but in my opinion this movie is very overrated. The comic was really much better.

5 years ago


It's not one of my absolute favorites but I do appreciate the great performance of Natalie Portman. I have only watched it once so far and I don't know if I'll ever watch it again - but because of the lead actress and her troubled story it was worth it.

4 years ago


Ah, this was so much better than I suspected! I was expecting just another cliche scifi-movie, but I really liked it. Very well executed.

6 years ago


Really strange movie, I didnt really like it at first, but it grew on me. Not a favourite, but worth seeing.

8 years ago


[7/10] Good movies entertain us. Great movies like 'V for Vendetta' have us talking about it for many years to come. Even despite its drawbacks pertaining to the failure of following logical progression of events, the movie does succeed however, in spreading its bold ideas across its audience. [7/10]

5 years ago


vivid, vigorous and valorous

7 years ago


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