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Weird, creepy, pretentious, borderline nonsensical, kinda racist, and every character is an absolute dick to every other character. I don't get how anyone could consider this movie "romantic." It's about a macho alpha male who thinks he's entitled to a woman's body, a cuckold moron who turns psycho in the last act so we feel better about him ending up with nothing, and a woman who falls in love in with a rapist and then decides to kill herself, ignoring how this would affect her daughter. All of the characters except the daughter suck as human beings. Yes, the movie has excellent music and cinematography, but that's not enough when the characters are downright offensive.

4 months ago


A movie absurdly beautiful in every sense, whether in photography that is impeccable, especially for the year that was produced. In fact, the soundtrack that is literally the soul of the film in the form of musical notes... Lovely.

6 years ago


Muddy movie!

5 years ago


Excellent photography, and excellent music. Of course, Michael Nyman making beautiful music as always. The performances are excellent, Anna Paquin is annoying as hell, a deserved oscar... And the story is great, the climax is dark, and so the ending. Beautiful movie, highly recommended.

6 years ago


Something very different than other movies.

3 years ago


Beautiful cinematography. Wonderful acting by all.

5 years ago