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was fabulous.

1 year ago


Just sublime, some of the most fun I've had in a cinema. Way too many great moments to even begin to list, with Gosling and Crowe making a fantastic duo reminescent of the glory days of buddy cop films, supported by wickedly funny, deceptively intelligent dialogue that's immediately recognizable as that of Shane Black. The film disguises its setup/payoff structure so perfectly (spoiler

) that the punchlines often come as genuine surprises, and not a single one misses the mark, which is seriously impressive given just how much the film leans on Gosling's slapstick physical comedy. My one misgiving is that I wish the trailers hadn't given so much away, but I still sat there with a stupid great grin on my face the whole time. I think I'm officially a Shane Black fanboy.

1 year ago


Shane Black is the master of the buddy picture. The biggest surprise here is that there were no references to Christmas at all. Laughs were had all the way through. Most of them as a result of Ryan Gosling, who played perfectly with Russell Crowe. This is how you create characters that are incompetent but sympathetic without demeaning them.

1 year ago


So much fun! One of the best buddy-cop movies we have had in a while

1 year ago


Exellent! I haven't had so much fun watching a movie in quite a while.

1 year ago


Legit storyline, good acting and funny lines.

1 year ago