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Personally I think this is a pretty poor movie that's getting a pass because of Denzel. He's great as always, but if the movie is meant to be a thriller then it's not thrilling or mysterious; if it's meant to be a drama then it's hopelessly cliched; and if it's meant to be an action film there's hardly any of it and what's there is completely uninspired. The end result is an odd film with a bit of an identity crisis which would have been much better if it hadn't been too ashamed to just be a proper unapologetic action flick.

1 month ago


Equalizer II is what happens in the kitchen when you wanna go by the recipe of that great dish you once made and forgot to write it down but attempt it anyway. You try "the same", but it tastes different. The dish you now made is good in itself, but the disappointment of not having "the same" detracts from that experience. Thing is, how much can you rely on your memory? Was it that good the first time? The disappointment and confusion makes you think about silly things like the possible adaptation of your taste buds over a semester, fungal aromas and the amount of calories in your dish.

"I don't feel full. Didn't I feel sated last time? Should I have added some sort of sweetener or something with a tang?"

Just like that, you're stuck in a limbo of the past. Things will never be the same and insecurity will, at times, creep in. Just like the secretly romantic protagonist, the post-modern antagonist, Denzel himself and the Equalizer formula. Luckily, the good-for-nothin kid turned good-for-something and at least he can look to the future. Maybe that's why the Equalizer made clear who's kitchen it was.

P.S.: Too much salt and you forgot the pepper!

1 month ago


I thought it was a very good movie. This is a thriller/crime movie so it is more about the tension and suspense than the fast paced action. A bit confused by the comments below as it isn't mentioned anywhere that this should be an action movie. Thrillers tend to be slower and more psychological.

3 months ago


The story is good but the action is not that exciting. Specially, the Home Alone-esque kills in the end of the movie.
It's an improved version of the first film story-wise but it has less action.
Not that memorable to be honest.

3 months ago


Way too long and just not a lot of action.

4 months ago

Pete Concrete

Action movie for mature people. Stay away, kids.

4 months ago

Denzel Washington

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