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@zbrg1: Ok, sorry, I forgot that I'm not allowed to have an opinion and that movies aren't subjective. I'll be sure to keep my mouth shut in case I upset people like you. I'll also make sure to never explain why I dislike a movie.

But in return, everyone who likes this movie has to shut up too. Because they're not allowed to have opinions either. And they're not allowed to defend why they like this movie (how dare people have reasons why they like/dislike movies!). This movie clearly sucks, no-one could possibly like it, and I'm automatically going to dismiss everything they say because I disagree. Oh wait, that was you/SalumoN who did that.

I was only explaining my reasons since 99% of the population love it (and I've seen very few people post here saying why they liked it). I thought instead of saying 'this movie sucks', I thought I'd give some reasons as to why some people might not like it. You might not agree with me - that's not the point - but I'm entitled to my opinion as well as everyone else.

Telling me to shut up just makes me think less of the film, and the fans, because they're obviously too immature to handle an opposing opinion. If someone says they hate One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (which I consider to be the best movie ever made), do I have a cry about it? Do I tell them to shut up? No. But I'd much rather hear WHY they didn't like it, not just 'I hate that movie'. This site's not the best place to debate a movie (and obviously since 2/4 people who replied told me to shut up it might as well be Youtube), and all I was trying to do was offer some light on the minority's opinion on this movie. Not defend myself pointlessly to people who aren't listening.

6 years ago


" and whether it is overrated or not, is up to you to decide. that is merely on the scale of your own expectations."

Subjectivity explained pretty well there. Reviewing the comments for the top 5 films on this site, and all of them descend into similar over/underrated dichotomies...

3 years ago


why do pseudo-intellectual douchebags try to pass themselves off as intelligent movie critics by dumbing down the plot to make the film sound average. if you're going to put the dark knight up against any superhero movie, you're going to find that in all aspects, the dark knight surpasses it by a landslide! how does that make it bad? if it can be considered #1 in its category?

people often rely on movie conventions to criticize this film, often missing the essential point.
"bruce wayne was a dull, flat character."
bruce wayne, was not the primary focus, his relationship with characters were their to define the motive of his alter egos actions. his alter ego, being the primary focus as a character, symbolically. the dark knight was a symbol for the actions of all throughout the film, and the relationships were their to accompany the actions of the people in their final decisions.

"it's just another action blockbuster."
be that as it may, an 'action blockbuster' title should not do its part to discount the dark knight from its scaling on whether it is good or bad.
is 'usual supects' just another crime thriller?
is 'the good the bad and the ugly' just another western?
of course not, in their respected genres they're high calibre and create a well-told story with its own unique setting, character archs and tools. you can't ostracize and attack a movie just for the field it chooses to fight in, if it does it so well.

the dark knight is one of the best superhero films in recent memory, and whether it is overrated or not, is up to you to decide. that is merely on the scale of your own expectations. but saying the movie is bad, without actual reason, is indefensibly stupid. you don't have to like it, but you casting imaginary stones won't coax peoples original opinions or create this intellectual illusion that you so desire.

there's more criticisms that people have adressed that would take a lot of time and effort to get into, but i'll draw the line at where i have.

(this comment is aimed at some of the bad TDK reviews/comments that i've read on this site.)

4 years ago


It might be the greatest superhero movie ever made.

4 years ago


A modern classic. Never thought anyone could touch Nicholson's Joker, until Ledger came along. However I feel that Batman Begins deserves more credit. It is just as good as TDK. Here's hoping the 3rd installment won't let ths series down.

5 years ago


SalumoN: you shut up. From your response I can see you're a mature individual whose opinion means a lot to me.

Was it wrong of me to actually explain why I didn't like movie or would you prefer "OMG THIS MOVIE SUCKZFHHF WTF IS WRONG WIT U PPLZ!!HR"?

Other people here clearly described why they liked the movie, do you see me telling them to shut up? No, because I respect their opinion. And hopefully most of them realize that people can have different opinions and respect theirs too. And can also represent The Dark Knight fan-base as something other than 15 year old fan-boy.

6 years ago

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