Cover of Star Wars

Star Wars (1977)

A.k.a. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope · 121 min · Directed by George Lucas

Action · Adventure · Fantasy · sci_fi

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The favorite one. Classic that will never get old.

5 years ago


A classic masterpiece, always has a home in my nostalgic heart.

5 years ago


The most important films of my life, all of my earliest memories are related to the original trilogy

5 years ago


Astonishing movie, changed cinema forever.

5 years ago


Timeless masterpiece and one of the best universes created. Hero's journey defined by this film for next generations.

1 year ago


I understand that Star Wars changed the face of contemporary cinema, but as a child of the new generation, I find it hard to connect with it as a film, I find it a bit shallow beyond the visuals and story, preferring sci-fi's with more substance like Alien, Blade Runner, Twelve Monkeys or Moon. It's hard to relate to, given the generational hype.

2 years ago

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