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Skazka skazok (1979)

A.k.a. Tale of Tales · 29 min · Directed by Yu. Norshteyn


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2 days ago


Better quality version:

7 years ago


Completely magical. A masterpiece, one of a kind.

7 years ago


Beautiful animation, not sure I get all of the allegorical elements though.

6 years ago


easily my favorite animation of all time

7 years ago


Here a full version with good quality on Utube:

Eddyspeader, your version on vimeo, if you pause to go get some coffe, and wanna push play, you can't. Have to start all over again. Not good. You cannot forward either.

Cosy film, 6/10.

3 years ago


I meant piece of art =]

7 years ago