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The legendary movie from the legendary director! One of the best movies ever!!

6 years ago


First movie that gave me a fright without relying on surprise tactics.

6 years ago


Absolute genius. Hitchcock is the master of suspense.

6 years ago


The star of the show is both Hitchcock in the director's chair and Perkins playing the clean cut yet overwhelmingly creepy Norman Bates. If you watch every scene with Bates in it and pay close attention you can nearly feel the power of the acting with the end of the movie cementing it in your mind forever. Don't be afraid, he won't even harm that fly.

2 years ago


Anthony Perkins was perfect in this. Also, busty Janet Leigh in her bra on the theatrical poster must have a pretty big scandal at the time. One of my favorite Hitchcock films as well as one of my favorite horror films of all time. It's still manages to scare 55 years later.

3 years ago


If Vertigo is Hitchcock at his most artistic, in Psycho, he is at his most iconic. I hadn't seen it in decades, so it managed to surprise me all over again. With its technical mastery. With its intriguing shots. With its bold breaking of the rules of screenwriting. With Janet Leigh's intense performance. I don't think I'll be spoiling anyone after 55 years - duly warned anyway - but the reason the shift in protagonists works is because Janet Leigh's character actually completes her arc in the time she's allowed (which is a lot more than you remember anyway), and that she acts as a distorted mirror of Norman Bates, a soul fighting against itself and wracked with guilt. And both fall prey to the same overwhelming, monstrous entity.

3 years ago

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