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Le sang des bêtes (1949)

A.k.a. Blood of the Beasts · 22 min · Directed by Georges Franju

Horror · Documentary · Short

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Not for the squeamish

7 years ago


I can't see how i could not be a vegetarian now. Dear god. Beans and eggs it is, then.

7 years ago


Jesus, that's not something one might forget anytime soon. Despite knowing full well whom the director was, I went into this armed with a cup of hot tea and a buttered scone. Bad move. I had to abandon them only a few minutes in.

Also, the workers' rendition of Trenet's celebrated 'La Mer' (a song I have listened to thousands of times since first hearing so many year ago, and have always associated with perfect calm) to the tune of unabashed slaughter will forever remain in my mind.

Powerful stuff.

4 years ago


I didn't find this too grim or nasty, particularly compared to some of the sequences in the Earthlings documentary. In fact there's no real implication that anything here would have been inhumane by the standards of that era.

5 years ago


Bizarre! Good short!

6 years ago


Then BillieDove watched Earthlings: just beans then.

3 months ago