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Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

216 min · Directed by David Lean

Drama · Adventure · War · Biography · History

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"orens" :)

5 years ago


Incredible. I put this off for years until I could see it on the big screen and I don't regret it. Just mind bogglingly massive, and a real reminder at how CGI just cannot evoke an emotional response like some of the meticulously constructed and dazzlingly rendered set-pieces this film can boast.

4 years ago


This is epic. Period.

4 years ago


Wow, what an impeccable and grand masterpiece! I'm ashamed I postponed watching it sooner, thinking the duration was too lengthy, but the time flew so quickly and by the end I was left wanting more. There is and can never be enough words to wholly describe this film, every person needs to go see it for himself and be a part of the extravaganza that Lawrence of Arabia is.

4 years ago

Big A2

While I didn't love it, I can't deny it's greatness.

I want to see it again to get a better look at it.

6 years ago


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