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Mesmerising. Never expected to see a purely visual film as powerful and engaging as this. The musical arrangement is beautiful too.

5 years ago


fucking amazing

5 years ago


wow. I was hypnotized since the first minute

3 years ago


I don't think comparisons to Baraka should dilute the importance of this movie. It's beautifully captured; considering (or not) it was made a decade earlier, this is one solid piece of work.

5 years ago

Duke of Omnium

Reminiscent of Man with a Movie Camera and Berlin: Portrait of a Great City. Probably more visually stunning than either of those - this film has first-rate cinematography and editing - but somewhat less compelling. Some of the edits were strained (such as a satellite picture of a city dissolving into micrograph of a 1982-era circuit board. In conjunction with Glass' score, a terrific media experience.

10 months ago


Well done. Great soundtrack by Phillip Glass.

1 year ago