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The film has a very solid first 40 minutes or so. Actually, some of the best I've seen on horror/thriller films. Unfortunately, it all unravels after that and the film turns into crap. Still, I admire the balls of the filmmakers for the ending.

7 years ago


God, what a terrible movie.

5 years ago


I remember whenever I was younger sitting in my new, empty house on the floor of my room watching this movie and wow did it have an impact. I thought it was terrifying at the time, and even though it falls to pieces towards the second half, it's a good viewing.

6 years ago


I agree With Thief and Quanthor The first half was cool but in ending was very bad

7 years ago


Woah. I don't know why I expected a shitty CGI fest featuring the classical, annoying af American white teenagers, but it actually was a pretty watchable movie after all.

2 years ago

Prof. Lumpcicle

I agree with, Theif. The first half was amazing but the film loses it's way and turns into a brick of moldy cheese.

7 years ago