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A real mind-blowing experience featuring Hans Zimmer at his best with an awesome dream-like score. Great character development for the protagonist. Awesome effects. You might need a second watch as it is quite a fast-paced movie. I also recommend watching the animated prequel if you enjoyed it. It's definitely not for everyone, but it worked very well for me. My personal favorite.

6 years ago


For a giant blockbuster summer movie Inception is audacious as hell. The final extended dreams-within-dreams sequence is just stunningly put together.

7 years ago


It was a good movie but I think it's been overrated.

6 years ago


We will never know all the possible interpretations of this movie. Those who think its over rated need many repeat watches to know its depth. I saw this for almost 10th time and now i got some clues that the whole movie might be a dream. That's what I call a great movie. It probably didn't get the best picture cause the academy members didn't get it like all those people who think it was over rated.

2 years ago


1 GREAT idea, played out in a really boring way. There was never any doubt to the outcome for me and so all the plot machinations and multi-level threads were for nothing.

5 years ago


Nolan's SciFi heist thriller. Hugely ambitious, original and inventive - although not as good on this second viewing. 8/10.

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