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A real mind-blowing experience featuring Hans Zimmer at his best with an awesome dream-like score. Great character development for the protagonist. Awesome effects. You might need a second watch as it is quite a fast-paced movie. I also recommend watching the animated prequel if you enjoyed it. It's definitely not for everyone, but it worked very well for me. My personal favorite.

5 years ago


For a giant blockbuster summer movie Inception is audacious as hell. The final extended dreams-within-dreams sequence is just stunningly put together.

6 years ago


It was a good movie but I think it's been overrated.

6 years ago


We will never know all the possible interpretations of this movie. Those who think its over rated need many repeat watches to know its depth. I saw this for almost 10th time and now i got some clues that the whole movie might be a dream. That's what I call a great movie. It probably didn't get the best picture cause the academy members didn't get it like all those people who think it was over rated.

1 year ago


Inception was the much-talked-about mindf*ck in which people navigate others' dreams (a straight cross between Ocean's Eleven and The Matrix). Its play on reality is both visually inventive and entertainingly complex enough to bear multiple viewings. My inception moment: That night, I actually dreamed about Inception and woke up around five thinking I had figured out just where reality broke down, but then the rest of the morning REM sleep added lots of extra clues that proved my theory and which of course, weren't there. The kind of puzzle film that will keep people debating for a while. Nolan continues to impress with his action-filled think pieces.

2 years ago


It took me a while to get around watching Inception but I'm glad I did. One of the most well thought-out films in years with every little detail planned and paid attention to precisely.

Such a powerful cast was needed to carry a film like this and this cast did it justice. I was absolutely entranced by every performance and it's amazing to Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. Marion Cotillard gave a lovely craze-fueled adaptation to her character and I was taken back by her as usual; a true talent.

At times the film was slightly confusing and hard to understand but it was much easier to pick up on than I had imagined it to be beforehand. The script allowed explanation without giving it all away in an unique fashion.

The sound effects were beautiful along with the background music - completely added to every scene.

Phenomenal in every sense, Inception will make you go insane and enjoy every second of it. Great film with a very well deserved hype in all areas.


5 years ago


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