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It was a good movie but I think it's been overrated.

5 years ago


I'm not comparing it to character-driven movies (character arcs, story arcs and what not are overrated anyway), but to other movies concerning dreams. Let's take Mulholland Drive then, where the obscurity and mindfuck of it all is the treat; solving the puzzle is key here. Inception, on the other hand, is an already solved puzzle, and throw in a tour guide to tell you what every piece looks like and how to correctly perceive the final picture and pinpoint every detail, will ya?

Anyway, creativity, and how to handle it, is mentioned as a key point here. Well, yes, but it's still about what's real and what's not, and the border between dream and reality, why else the obnoxiously gimmicky "open ending"? It depicts a world where total creativity rules, true, but in the end it's still about delusion; how that imaginary dreamworld can drive one to accept it as the truth.

But really, that doesn't matter too much to me. HEMA's view is what bothers me. Understanding what's going on is certainly not a big problem with Inception, is it? I could easily label it as one of the most over-explaining movies of the decade, and "seeing half the concepts and ideas" isn't really that much of a chore; yet, still, everyone starts creaming all over it like it's the most complex masterpiece ever, and if you don't like it, then surely you simply "didn't get it". Great.

Now, I can deal with MaxS' perception that it is a must-see for action fan: yes, it is an OK action movie (too much of that henchman-stuff though). But when everyone starts raving about it being a benchmark in cinema and the smartest movie in years... well, remember Avatar? Remember The Dark Knight? Rather remember Public Enemy: Don't believe the hype.

In my eyes, Inception is a mediocre summer-blockbuster with some nice ideas not nearly explored enough and some good eyecandy, but it won't stand the test of time.

6 years ago



4 years ago


A real mind-blowing experience featuring Hans Zimmer at his best with an awesome dream-like score. Great character development for the protagonist. Awesome effects. You might need a second watch as it is quite a fast-paced movie. I also recommend watching the animated prequel if you enjoyed it. It's definitely not for everyone, but it worked very well for me. My personal favorite.

4 years ago


I liked that movie a lot. In the beginning I really had to focus in order not to miss any important facts but I enjoyed it very much. I think the suspense is great and I just love movies that keep you guessing and allow different angles of interpretation. Some of the plot ideas really intrigued me and the emotional aspects of the story were really touching. And of course it was visually very exciting.

3 years ago


1 GREAT idea, played out in a really boring way. There was never any doubt to the outcome for me and so all the plot machinations and multi-level threads were for nothing.

4 years ago


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