Cover of Hapax Legomena I: Nostalgia

Hapax Legomena I: Nostalgia (1971)

36 min · Directed by Hollis Frampton


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11 hours ago


I've always felt that statements like "anyone who likes this is an idiot" or "you'd have to be mentally ill to enjoy [film]" are very misguided. In reality, people of equal competence and sanity can (and often do) come away from the same work of art with drastically different opinions. In fact, every individual person approaches film from a slightly different angle than every other person, and ones reactions to a film are generally a result of things like personal experience and worldview and aesthetic preferences and so on. Intelligence or sanity rarely have anything to do with it.

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7 years ago


I don't know which edition you've watched, but I found the audio on The Criterion Collection's Blu-ray to be more than adequate. I had no problem following the narration.

6 years ago


You say all that Timec, yet you have no problem calling people idiots for interpreting a film differently to you, or disliking a film that you like. Seems a bit hypocritical.

6 years ago


Quite beautiful to watch the warmth turn all into ashes. And maybe, just maybe, form several fantasy figures in it.
"In his 1971 short film, (nostalgia), American artist and writer Hollis Frampton oveturned the conventional narrative roles of words and images. In his account of an artists's transformation from photographer to filmmaker, Frampton burns photographs he had taken and selected from his past along with one found photograph. A calm voice tells a story about an image, but the story is about the following image, not the one shown. Confounding comprehension still further, the narration begins and ends during the photograph's combustion; smoke and ashes get in our eyes while we are trying to make sense of the image and the narration--trying to remember the story that fits the image, trying to remember the image that fits the story..."

3 weeks ago


Hmm! And at first I thought my brain skipped, yet continued watching anyway. By the end, I thought, "Ah, you're not so crazy after all."

6 years ago


Do you see what i see?

8 years ago