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Even though I grew up in the 60's I never got involved in drugs and could never understand those that did. Likewise, I've never understood the Rolling Stones fascination. But after watching this I do have a lot more respect for Mick Jagger. He sincerely was horrified at what happened here and did his best to squelch the violence. But this was a tragedy waiting to happen right from the planning stage. What an amazing job of documenting it.

3 years ago


the end of the hippie era

6 years ago


One of the best documentaries ever made!

8 years ago


Groovy Documentary! Woodstock of the West, Hells Angels, Lots of Crazy People, Good Music!

5 years ago


totally agree!

7 years ago


Seriously made me cry towards the end. We will never find out what actually happened.

5 years ago