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Edward Scissorhands (1990)

105 min · Directed by Tim Burton

Drama · Romance · Fantasy

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In my opinion, a timesless classic. It has everything you need; humour, romance, fantasy and tragedy, but a beautifully poignant fairytale of a story. As well as all this it is riddled with social satire and heavy themes on lonliness, suburbia, cliques, conformity, consumerism, fashion, love, family life, gossip, morality and if you look deeper several others. But it is my favourite film so I could be slightly biased!

6 years ago


An incredibly unique story, there is nothing like this movie!!

7 years ago


A really touching, fairy-tale like movie. It's about tolerance and acceptance and also about some insufferable gossipping people in small towns :)

Johnny Depp is great in this. Lovely film!

4 years ago



6 years ago


I watched this film as a kid & loved it. so much more than Beetle Juice. Johnny Depp is soo cute in this. it's like what seems the perfect neighborhood ain't so perfect after all. and it was great seeing Vincent Price

7 years ago


Interesting and magical-- especially the soundtrack. And, as is necessary of all good fairy tales, tinged with violence and sorrow.

7 years ago