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Sometimes what looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a not actually a duck. This should have been a great movie, with high caliber directing (Payne), first rate acting (Damon, Waltz, Chau), and a fantastic concept/message (downsizing). So what went wrong?

I feel like this may have been an over-commitment to the core concept of downsizing as a story, and a resulting forced narrative with no real tracks beneath it. Payne has done well with loose, meandering scripts before, but Downsizing was loose to the point of being shapeless.

Utterly disappointing if not for the fact that this was still a perfectly entertaining film. I don't regret those two hours even given the blatantly shoddy aspects of the piece.

9 months ago


The problem with the movie is its length . 2 hrs and 15 mins really ? what were they thinking?
Also after the interesting first half, it goes all downhill.. Half baked story and screenplay.... A letdown for a Alexander payne movie!
Still acting by Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig makes this a bearable watch! I would give this a 6 or 6.5 max, out of 10.

6 months ago


I feel like the reviews have been unnecessarily harsh here, I actually quite enjoyed it.

It's certainly not the movie you would expect upon watching the trailer but that's not a bad thing. The film doesn't continually go to the well of observational humour highlighting the differences or adjustments to miniaturization, that probably would have been the easy thing to do. Perhaps people are upset that it subverted their expectations, who knows. Instead, the movie is more poignant and personally i'm happier it went this route rather than simply going for the low hanging fruit - that's what Adam Sandler movies are for.

I appreciated the originality and its unpredictability in an era of film where you usually know how things will play out within with first 20 minutes. Great cast and Waltz had me in stitches laughing.

9 months ago


By far the worst film I have seen in a long time, and I'll watch almost anything.

I completely agree with frankqb, the idea is interesting but is never really explored properly, and instead the film just wanders off in many different directions.

There seem to be at least four different stories here, first there's the life changing experience of the protagonist as he becomes small and what that means for him, then there's the relationship and dynamic between the big world and the small world (including political and economic implications), then the social inequality within the new small world, and then the whole stuff about climate change and the end of the world.

Unfortunately these stories do not combine well and no matter what the viewer might be interested in more, the movie as a whole can only disappoint.

I would have liked to see more about what it means to live in this fictional small world and how it interacts with the normal world (as I too would have expected the film to be about that), but in the end only the very first part is somewhat about that. After maybe a quarter of the film the whole downsizing part is only a gimmick, and towards the end it doesn't even matter anymore whether they're small or not.

And as for the parts where the film focuses on being small, they are mostly wasted opportunities. spoiler

And on top of that, the way the small world works doesn't make any sense. spoiler

Finally, there is the social commentary - but the film fails here, too. It hints at some things then never develops anything, and instead just focuses on the idiotic protagonist while sometimes parading it's Asian stereotype character or showing you the slums.

And just as frankqb pointed out, the mixture of lame comedy and the cautionary message the film tries to almost constantly force on the viewer doesn't work at all and just makes it insulting.

Avoid this terrible movie. This is not a "fun film" you can just enjoy without thinking too much about it, even if it may be marketed this way. It's just plain awful.

9 months ago


I saw this film's trailer in theaters a few times and thought "Wow, what a great premise. That sounds like a huge hit." Then its reviews weren't so good, and it wasn't a hit. I thought "Hmm, guess I was wrong." Even so, I never dreamed that the film would take such a terrible turn that I'd watch about 85 minutes of it and decide that I couldn't even stand to finish the rest. ABORT...ABORT....

2 months ago


I made the mistake of watching the trailer before I saw the film, because the film ended up being very different. The trailer gave me a Walter Mitty (which I love) vibe, but I barely felt it in the movie.
Normally that would be fine, since I mainly just wanted to see life in a small world. I didn't really get to see much of that, either. Honestly, the first and second half felt like two different movies, at least to me anyway. The ending was also very abrupt, and I couldn't help but feel glum (due to the whole spoiler

) afterwards.

I just felt like it could've been so much more. It could've shown so many things, it could've been so incredibly fascinating. Instead, after the amazement wore off I mainly just felt like I was watching small people spoiler There were a few moments and cues that reminded me that they were small, but it just felt so unfulfilling, with such incredibly wasted potential.

Apparently (judging by some of the comments) this means that I don't "get it" and either need to watch it a million times or put on my thinking cap. I really don't want to do that, though. I'll leave that to someone else instead.
It was good, but I wouldn't see it again.

7 months ago

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