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Really struggled with this film. I can see the appeal, the manic energy of it and the zaniness of how the story escalates, the amazing outfits, cars, houses and aesthetics, but GOD this is an irritating film. Firstly, why is Cary Grant's character at all appealing? I can see why Grant himself is, especially when he has an implausibly well paying job at which is he is terrible, why these women throw themselves at him is also something I couldn't get behind. Why have the world's most irritating dog bark all through a scene? How is constant yapping anything other than annoying? I get that its illustrating he inanity of everything else in that scene but how about not having that dog at all? Or that scene at all? Everyone in this film is frustrating, it's assumed that we can get on board with their relentless smugness and that the premise of Baby doesn't get old, which it does very quickly. The leading characters' arrogance, wanton waste of money, privilege and time was just too daft to begin with let alone built a story on. So much extraordinary talent was involved with this film, and I'm glad so many people can get something out of it and find it hilarious, but, unlike most screwballs, this was phenomenally irritating from beginning to end.

1 year ago


Hepburn is so annoying, I too want to punch her.

7 years ago


Hard to enjoy this comedy; Susan (Hepburn's character) is just too much of an unbearable asshole, provoking anger and frustration rather than amusement. The way she is evil on purpose, is knowlingy breaking laws and endangering others, stealing whatever she wants, destroying property without hesitation or regret, blackmailing people for her own gain, constantly lying and insulting everyone around her makes you wish for bad things to happen to her rather than allow for the creation of a single funny moment in this movie.

2 years ago


One of the funniest movies ever still holds up after 72 years!

8 years ago


Hepburn is so annoying, I want to punch her too .

1 year ago


Wow, this movie has aged incredibly well. Hysterical from start to finish; love the Major Applegate character. Hepburn is horribly annoying, but her outfits are fantastic! The limits of the audience's suspension of disbelief are challenged in this film where nonsensical arguments and high jinks run amok. I can't say I cared for Cary Grant's character either, but there is some great acting in this film!

1 year ago

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