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Definitely one of the best sequels ever. Before sunrise is like a romantic dream with an open ending. This movie is about becoming realistic again with an even beter ending!

A must see!

8 years ago


A lovely sequel.

4 years ago


Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.

7 years ago


Like it very much. It took the story of the first film to a whole new level.

6 years ago


afan - One more thought: Unless you're going around to the comments section of almost every film on this site and saying they "should also be on the fantasy list" and a "bit far-fetched" and "has anyone ever had an experience remotely close to this?", then, well, you're being inconsistent. Because, though obviously certain specific elements aren't likely to occur in real life, this film contains fewer fantastic elements than about 99.7% of the movies out there.

As for "even remotely similar experiences" - No, I've never met someone on a train, shared a day with them, and then met them again nine years later (though I don't find the idea of someone forming a long-lasting friendship on one of those long train rides particularly outrageous) - but I have formed quick and intense connections with people (including once while I was on a tour of Jerusalem), and have had long, seemingly rambling conversations with them. And even when, in some cases, I lost contact with those people for a while, after meeting them again years later we were still able to "re-connect" quite easily.

7 years ago


loved Before Sunrise more, but this one is quiet an irresistible sequel... a must watch!!
Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawk... their onscreen chemistry is lovely!!

double thumps up!!

7 years ago

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