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Quinn S.L.

This is the darkest, saddest movie I've ever watched. It doesn't change the fact that it was very beautiful, the cinematography was perfectly executed and every aspect of every scene supported the main theme: misogyny and the ridiculous place that religions, societies and cultures of all sorts put women into. Don't know if I'm prepared to watch it again in order to understand everything... Very demanding.

5 years ago


For those confused by the meaning of the movie I found one person's analysis that makes pretty good sense:

"So I later found out that not only did Lars von Trier set out to specifically make a movie about misogyny, or rather, based on the historical, philosophical ideas of misogyny - he hired a journalist to research misogyny and write an article for a Danish paper, making a case for the idea that women are inherently evil. Knowing that, this all made a lot more sense, and it's actually quite interesting. Anyway, it's very very graphic and disturbing.] Most critics dismissed the story told and the artsy touches in Antichrist as excuses for von Trier to make a gratuitous torture thriller. I just watched it, and the reality is much more disturbing than that. Actually, Antichrist is very well constructed and thought out. Not one image, line or symbol is random or incoherent. Few are subtle - we have castration, the "Garden of Eden", Antichrist written with the venus symbol, bleeding aborting animals, dead baby birds pushed out of the nest, witch burning, female genital mutilation, etc. Together with the excellent acting and the story line, it conveys the director's vision perfectly. The result is by far the most misogynist film I've ever seen. In it, women, unlike men, are ruled by "nature". Nature which is devoid of logic, reason and self control; powerful, sexual, deceiptful, selfish and at times the epitomy of evil - the Antichrist. A child dies in an accident - or is the mother's sexual indulgence to blame? Take her out of civilization and off her pills for a few days, and you'll see what she really is. Exorcise her dirty body like a witch in the Dark Ages. Mutilate her like some repressive cultures still mutilate girls to keep that nasty, sexual Nature under control. What is not clear about the message?"

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If Lars Von Trier had directed STAR WARS, it would've ended in an hour-long scene in the trash compactor where they don't escape. - Patton Oswalt

5 years ago


I'm not going to pretend for a second that I fully understand it, but I don't think it was rubbish. I thought the atmosphere of the film was very well created and the two central performances are outstanding.

There are moments of genius, but it's mostly just a little too lacking in direction to be worthwhile.

6 years ago


The end credit said: "Dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky." I understand why.

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