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A work of great beauty, like most of Humphrey Jenning's films.

6 years ago


@te18 terrible nonsense: "The eponymous hero of this docu-drama, Timothy 'Tim' James Jenkins, was one of the pupils in the Boys School of Varndeam Grammar School, Brighton, East Sussex, England, in 1956. In his late teens, he was part of the 'Mod' London subculture of fashion suits, pop and folk music, all night dancing, and scooters to return home in the late hours of night; and curiously, the pop art Mod symbol was based on the logo of the RAF airplanes when Tim was born. He grew up to be a grammar school teacher, and a good one it seems. And he died young, in December 2000, in a time it was plain to see that the «greed for money, or power, out of all decency» had won the war that followed WWII."

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See it here:

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The ironic part is that Timothy grew up to be a war criminal.

3 years ago


Rather mediocre war-movie/documentary

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