The more i think about this movie the more i'm surpriesed how polymorphic fincher can be. Like seven, this is a procedural movie. Unlike seven this is the real world: the case can't be solved, we will never know why Zodiac kill those people, what was in his mind, or even how many of them he really killed. The more i think about this movie the less it seems a procedural movie and becomes a movie about obsession. We have to know the truth like gillenhal: he is a normal guy, worried about his son, scared by this maniac who ended so many lifes, and when he thinks that everybody has given up on the case he HAS to find the truth, Zodiac is his obsession. But in reality the case is not closed, nobody has really forgotten Zodiac, he rapresents the uknown, the misterious, scary and dark side of life that never leaves us.
The more i think about this movie the more i love it

4 years ago


Engrossing thriller drama! Extremely well acted and directed with great sense for detail. Totally absorbing!

5 years ago


My favorite Fincher, and one of the best of the previous decade. Don't expect a new Se7en. This isn't a horror or any action flick. Don't expect to get too thrilled. This is all about the characters and how they waste their lives trying to catch the killer.

6 years ago

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