delightful movie.. lovable characters with beautiful drawings and music choices

5 years ago


One of the best animated films I've seen in years. It's fairly cliché, but executed unbelievably well.

It's full of adorable characters, exciting set pieces and a heart warming friendship between a bear and a mouse.

Mesmerisingly good.

5 years ago


Very VERY cute (but not overly cute to the point where it makes you vomit). Has many funny moments (without having pointless comic relief characters). Animation is absolutely gorgeous.
Other than in you face message (which is completely understandable since it is a film for kids) it is very lovable. I'm yet to see Kaze Tachinu and Despicable Me 2, but I'm rooting for this one to take the Oscar, because it totally deserves to be known by many.

5 years ago

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