Constant facial closeups with no sense of visual space? Check!
Constant lens flares and waving lights? Check!
Constant shaky cam? Check!
Oversaturated colors blinding you with blue, orange and green for seemingly no reason? Check!
Lots of running and yelling to no purposeful end? Check!
A nonsensical, overcomplicated plot that makes little sense? Check!

Yep. This was another fine J.J. Abrams production!
Now I'll go have a seizure for 2 hours to relax from the experience.

5 years ago


Holy lens flare, Batman!

7 years ago


I've never seen anything about Star Trek, dont' really knew what it was about… In the end, I felt I maybe like more Star Trek than Star Wars.

It's a very enjoyable movie however is not that great. But good yeah!

7 years ago

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