George Harrison was intended to play the main character but he withdrew when read in the script he had to wash his anus in front of the camera.

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Weirdest movie I've ever seen

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The massacre of the Aztecs done with horned toads and frogs. A mechanical vagina giving birth to a smaller version of itself. Rock and roll machine guns. Just some of the strange and often shocking images in Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. Undoubtledy his masterpiece, don't expect a straightforward story. On the surface, it is a man's quest for enlightenment, and an indictment of our unenlightened society. But Jodorowsky uses film in a poetic, or in this case, allegorical way, not in a prosaic one. His usual tropes - near constant nudity, amputee actors, and taboo imagery - are all present, laced with symbolism from every mystical tradition. While I'm sure I'd have understood more if I'd been a Kabbalist or something, I'm rather happy with my interpretation, which didn't jar much at all from those nuggets Jodorowsky gives on his commentary track (in Spanish, with subtitles). Even just as a visual experience, it is a clever piece of work, with more things you've never seen before in the first 5 minutes than in any other film ever made.

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