Before Sunrise (1995)

A dialogue marathon of a film, this fairytale love story of an American boy and French girl. During a day and a night together in Vienna their two hearts collide.


I ended up being slightly disappointed that they never went to see the play…

5 years ago


To those fixating on the "pseudo-intellectual" nature of the film - I think you're missing something. The film is cognizant to the fact that it presents this aura (Jesse admits his tendency for pseudo-intellectual behavior in the park scene).

To me, the core of the film rests in the connection between Jesse and Celine, not in the intellectual "depth" of their conversations. The connection is intense realistic, beautiful yet painful. I understand the annoyance (especially with Jesse), but the simple and pure connection between the characters transcends that sentiment…for me at least.

7 years ago


I love you, Julie Delpy

6 years ago

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