Polytechnique (2009)

A dramatization of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 where several female engineering students were murdered by an unstable misogynist.

John Milton

Very, very good indeed. I never heard of this drama, but Villeneuve directs the hell out of this one. Masterfully crafted, well shot and… come to think of it: I can't think of any real flaws, as I pointed out in my review (Dutch) But I had my hands raised to my face in horror for large portions of the film…

4 years ago


A powerhouse statement on the seemingly never-ending issue of misogyny and a reflection on the absolute need for equality.

4 years ago


@LiquidSplitter Yes. It's liberal propaganda that a man who wanted to kill as many people as possible targeted strictly women in a Canadian college saying "You're women, you're going to be engineers. You're all a bunch of feminists. I hate feminists." It's, uh, pretty cut and dry from my vantage point here that reality is someone who at this point would probably be defined as an incel did this. And f*ck him for doing so.

3 months ago

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