Unofficial Doctor Whos Peter Cushing and Joanna Lumley star as the Van Helsings in Christopher Lee's last Count Dracula film, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, AKA Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride(s), AKA Plague of Dracula, AKA Draculapocalypse 1973, AKA The Dracula Conspiracy, AKA Secret Services vs. Dracula… well, you get the point - this thing is a little bonkers, a '70s exploitation film with a funky soundtrack, translating Victorian characters into the (then) present day. I was stoked to see Lumley in this as Van Helsing's initially capable granddaughter, but she quickly turns into a screaming damsel in distress, which really isn't the best use of either the character or the actress. Still, Rituals moves along at a good clip, and has the virtue of using some of the less seen vampire weaknesses to dispatch its antagonists. Cushing is, of course, watchable as ever.

3 months ago

Virtual Virago

Pretty sure the "Satanic Rites" title is much more accurate than the "Bride" title. Christopher Lee's count is downright chatty in this incarnation of the old story.

5 years ago

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