Vincent Price is after a stolen million in The Bat, but is he also the supervillain KNOWN as the Bat? A convoluted and not at all airtight story proceeds from there in a big ol' mansion, with a large cast of suspects and potential victims. It's hard for me to care about the plot, I gotta say. The MacGuffin is boring and there are plot holes and red herrings that make me frown. And the mystery isn't very hard to solve for the audience. What I do like is the characters. Price is of course great. Agnes Moorhead and Lenita Lane make a great comedy/detective double act (Moorehead plays an Agatha Christie type). Werner the butler with a past has a great, dry delivery. The rest of the cast is mostly made up of pretty faces and/or characters in service of the plot, but no one stands out as a problem. The Bat is a bit stagey and could have benefited from more of a Noir approach to the film-making. As is, the Bat is just a masked guy whose body type might give away the game. The camera just doesn't know it's a mystery (or a horror film, for that matter).

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Virtual Virago

Although it's by no means the best work of either Vincent Price or Agnes Moorehead, "The Bat" is a sufficiently entertaining example of the "old dark house" mystery, with a surprisingly high body count for 1959.

8 years ago

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