After chugging through the old Gamera films, I feared the 1995 reboot would be more of the same, only with updated (but just as cheesy) effects. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe is, however, something of a triumph for Godzilla's bargain-basement competitor. Yes, there is cheesy 90s CG at times (and bad slow-mo), but the practical effects are quite good. Generally strong use of miniatures, more textured monster costumes/puppets (which kind of makes them gorier), and the giant action is so well shot Toho poached the director to reboot the Godzilla franchise. Oh and look! They've done away with the screaming kids that populated the movies of the Showa era! Instead, Gamera bonds with a teenage girl through the help of Antediluvian technology, and I guess this cast of heroes returns in the next films, which I think is a good idea. I don't particularly think we need an explanation for why kaiju like Gamera and Gyaos exist, but the explanation is different from the Godzilla mythos, so it's interesting. It took a long time, but we finally got a properly good Gamera film.

a year ago

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