Life as Fiction

Tekkon Kinkreet paints a portrait of adolescence with the right pigments and shades, with beauty and sorrow, loneliness and anger all packed into tight spaces that refuse to go away once the credits roll. •••

9 years ago


Aliens with unclear motives (serving God?) building amusement park amongst strip joints in yakuza-infested Treasure Town "owned" by a mentally disturbed martial artist child and his eqully mentally disturbed psychic friend. Didn't seem to make much sense.

8 years ago


A bonkers, beautifully animated film - the level of detail is extraordinary - but the coherence of the story somewhat less so, although I found myself caught up with the fates of Black and White, particularly in the middle section of the film where the trio of assassins begin to hunt them. The finale is mind bending stuff too. Quite unlike any other anime I've seen, and although I didn't love it, it's definitely worth a look for the amazingly detailed and colourful cityscape alone.

8 years ago

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