I agree with previous guy, it started of as though it would be a nice surprise but not much drama no real climax.
I don't understand why the two kids are the only ones that care about the degenerating situation.

8 years ago


Having read the book prior to watching the movie, I felt that the movie cut out quite a bit of the details which were, for me, the most compelling parts of the story. The movie was unable to fully develop the characters and plot; any attempts to do so were also quite weak, which would explain the comments on the boring bits.

The movie also introduces some additional out-of-this-world elements, giving the movie a fairy tale/magical twist which I felt ruined the plot's "credibility".

However, I think the movie set and props were great and the visuals were commendable. Great job also by Saoirse as Lina and Harry as Doon.

This movie is worth a watch, just don't expect too much and enjoy being temporarily transported into the City of Ember. You can expect better from reading the book!

6 years ago

Jace Lightner

The premise is exciting and the ending was great! Enjoyable movie

5 years ago

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