An important film recounting the most important American political scandal of the early 21st century - the lies that send the US to war in Iraq and the crimes committed to cover up the truth about that country's lack of nuclear weapons.

Penn and Watts' acting carries the film as it methodically lays out the groundwork for lengths the White House went to to get the "right" answer to spin to the press. What is remarkable about this story is the length to which the press seems almost complacent in allowing the subversion of power.

Though not a remarkable film, it does tell a very important story, and the family drama has its place, nonetheless the real standout moments are the closing minutes as Joe Wilson knocks the situational ball out of the ball park with a rallying cry against tyranny and Plame testifies before congress.

If you don't know this story of Valerie Plame, the film might amaze you. For political junkies, it might just be a pleasant trip down corruption memory lane.

6 years ago


Well acted and compellling political drama. True story

2 years ago


OK movie.

7 years ago

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