Always up for a con man movie, The Brothers Bloom is a lot fun, if tonally all over the place. It's quite clearly a comedy, with background gags and very fanciful characters, but it's also trying for psychological truth and a wistful, melancholy atmosphere. I don't mind the mix; it's quirky and manages to be both funny and sad. The story concerns the world's two greatest con men, played by Mark Rafallo and Adrian Brody. Of the Blooms, the latter wants out from this life, and the former wants him to leave it in style, and perhaps a little more. He chooses one last mark, an eccentric hermit of a girl played by Rachel Weitz. As this crazy story develops, the audience starts to wonder if she's really being conned, or if Brody's character is the real mark, since Rafallo's idea of a con is to give the mark exactly what he wanted after all. You should never trust what you're seeing in a con movie, because there's usually a con being played on the audience as well. I may have been more suspicious than I needed to be with this one, or you could say the movie could have done with a couple more twists. Or perhaps that's the twist. Or perhaps I shouldn't trust the ending. Hm. I should stop worrying and just give it my recommendation as a fun flick with enough surprises to fulfill its genre requirements.

4 years ago


Make way, make room for the brothers Bloom!

4 years ago


I'm starting to love Adrien Brody, what a great actor! It's Rian Johnson worst movie, but it isn't bad. It's actually a funny movie inspired in movies like The Sting.

6 years ago

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