What a cool cast of charaters. Besides the usual a-listers (the performances of Stallone and Keitel!), you get your Emmerichs, Bergs etc. The grim and dark presence coupled with Shore's excellent soundtrack also helped. It did feel like a true cop movie with actors and technical nuances like that.
Found myself thinking it was an Antoine Fuqua attempting to do his "L.A. Confidential". It did not feel like a Mangold movie and that's not a bad thing. Was still very well directed. Probably some fun times on that set with all those guys.

3 months ago


In Cop Land, Sylvester Stallone plays against type as a paunchy sheriff who isn't really equipped for action either physically or in temperament. I remember this being a big deal at the time. Today, the film is only infrequently mentioned and that's a shame, because it's a winner. The Cop Land in question is a small suburban town in New Jersey where NYPD cops live, and it's a haven for crooked cops especially since their Internal Affairs unit doesn't have jurisdiction there. Crime pictures often tend to be the same, but this one, despite having a lot of faces familiar to the genre, has a different story to tell, and I enjoyed the immersion into an unsual world/context. Stallone taps into the sad side of his movie persona as popularized by Rocky to offer a minimalist but pitch perfect performance as the effectively powerless lawman bullied by "proper" police officers. And even when he is finally pushed to the edge, it's a desperate kind of action movie for all of 2 minutes. It's also very well cast, even in the smaller roles. I do wish Janeane Garofalo had a bigger one, but you can't have everything.

11 months ago


A lot shorter running time than I expect, with a much smaller budget!! Was expecting an explosive Michael Mann type ensemble movie for some reason. Still, was a decent tale. Impressed by the performance of Stallone. Spent the whole time looking for Debbie Harry though… :/

2 years ago

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