Kapò (1960)

Determined to survive at any price, Edith, a young Jewish woman deported to an extermination camp, manages to survive by accepting the role of kapo, a privileged prisoner whose mission is to ruthlessly guard other prisoners.


What I really appreciated about this film is that it doesn't just focus on the horrors of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis, or a sort of "one man's tale of epic hardship" situation, but it instead focuses on the psychology of the people as a group going through it.

It shows how they are broken down, how they are dehumanized. How people turn on each other when resources are scarce. How people do things they'd swear they'd never do.

But it also shows moments of hope, and of shared struggle, of community. Moments where you see the flicker of humanity stay lit against the cold wind of fascism and brutality.

Really great.

a year ago

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