Irma la Douce (1963)

A Parisian policeman gives up everything for the love of a free-living sex worker.


Strange that this film isn't on any official lists. A classic Wilder comedy.

7 years ago


One of my favorite movies. Both Maclaine and Lemmon are great. Billy Wilder does it again! :)

8 years ago


The world of Parisian prostitutes and their pimps is tarted up in Irma La Douce, that is to say, it presents a rosy depiction of the underworld where sex workers treat pimps like managers they can fire, and boyfriends they can break off with. But if it wasn't sex positive, Billy Wilder couldn't make the comedy work. There's eventually a dark turn, but nowhere near as dark as what the posters promise, I assure you. Everything about this says "don't take me too seriously" and puts you in a pleasant frame of mind, whether it's Shirley MacLaine's self-possessed street walker who takes pride in her profession, or Jack Lemon in ridiculous British lord drag, or fun support players like the over-qualified bartender Moustache (but that's another story). As colorful as a musical, and as patently ridiculous as Blake Edwards comedy, Irma La Douce is filled to the brim with amusing slapstick, screwball antics, and quirky characters. And the story takes you all sorts of places too. Quite entertaining, wot.

7 months ago

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